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Germinal Tachism

The author refuses to title the works in favor of the free interpretation of the observer (O.F.C.T.), Observer Freely Created Title, title freely created by the observer. In the index of the Manifesto, in the concept Inhibicion to entitle and Explicit numbering, you will be able to read my motives and proposal.

The GRAPHIC WORK belongs to the category of Germinal Tachism and is presented in canvas and paper canvas, both 100% cotton by the German company Hahnemühle.

The “informative” content of whatever message, whether written or in plastic depends on the degree of organisation bestowed upon the work. Organised information that is equivalent to aesthetic order. Nonetheless, my gestures, streaming spontaneity, my illogical action about work in the making, aspires to let freedom express itself (I free myself from mind exercises of which I already know in advance their results; predictability). From it are born stainings, formless, apparent chaos, disorder, although seemingly. It is an order of another level, an inner level.