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I did, and I’m doing under an unconventional way, if as conventional is understood as what it is supposed to be. I have not attended any art classrooms, nor do have frequented artistic circles and social gatherings.

I admired schools, styles and trends but I’ve never tried to acquire their patterns: for doing such made me forget my own path. I have admired artists and I still do. I have still been and remain in my own world, developed at all levels, psychologically, aesthetically and spiritually, to extract from the deepest of my mind my own water, able to quench my thirst.

Always excited by the aesthetic spirit -its meaning and essence- always longing simple “perfection”, spontaneous and genuine; I have never abandoned, despite difficulties, this internal momentum. This question almost corporal who wants to rule, become “real-flesh”, expressed in a coherent work with oneself. And if a job or work has been presented insistently to me, is to unlearn, to continue the process of discovering.

I have spent long periods of loss of roots. I was away, finished, excluded from the world of art. Once this feeling, after all self-delusion and ignorance and reaffirmed in the powerful idea that the world of art is a process, above all, interior. In his times, cycles, periods, stages, phases and so different in essence and subtle moments in his expression that together we can assimilate to a real initiation unfold, initiatory way that seeks swingeing states but also sublime ones. If you are able to ride these internal and intensely creative states, know and know that art, above all more prosaic considerations surrounding it, is a state of being. You know that their expressions, different in shape, have the same essence; pictorial forms, poetry volumes, plays of light or actions or even silences, long silences and genetic prelude to a demonstration. The experience makes oneself more serene, thoughtful and efficient. You are grateful. You learn to understand the “magnitude” and that moves a flow of unrecognized thanks.


I studied High School of Science in those years, decorated of history, literature, philosophy and even Latin, in the cities of Manlleu (Barcelona) and Seu d’Urgell (Lérida), “La Salle” Schools Organisation. Journalism Studies in Barcelona and adult activities always related to aesthetics (ceramics, sculpture, painting and poetry …) and that the human being is an innate seeker and craves the whole and not the partial.

After the strictly artistic activities, I read, I think over, I sit in silence and listen; also music, my admired musician, I write, I go to the forest, the garden, I order things, ideas and projects (endless); make sourdough bread in the wood-fired oven; self-construction, enjoy the feel of clay, joy the company of dogs, chickens and people of course! light from the frames of fire place. A face lit with a smile is a gift of alchemy.

I’m attracted to numbers, words, etymology, admire everything that is cooperation, mathematics, architecture, and the warmth of the family.

Neighbour among neighbours of a lovely neighbourhood that moves, with its sun and system at the end of the Orion arm of our Milky Way Galaxy. To see at night a sky knitted with light.

I am 21 in 71. I started the creative journey in Castellterçol (Barcelona). I live two years under a regime of extreme solitude, chosen voluntarily. Sitting quietly, reading, painting and long walks through the woods led me to myself, to my own deep desires and needs.

Essay on learning to listen and listen to myself, to see me and see. Pictorially I savour the discovery of spontaneity, eagerness, creative rapture and aesthetic sense.

Two years afterwards, 73 and 75, I move to the luxuriant forests of oak and chestnut of “les Guilleries” (Girona), very isolated, at the foot of giant cliffs, golden sunset landscapes; legendary times for me and crucial discoveries. The silence in the wilderness, covering you like a blanket, rough at first and then mild friend, which smoothens your mind and even your soul.
When loneliness culminates in consciousness, is no longer loneliness, it becomes a great party. This period is not very active in cosmetic plastic work: then I derive into an intimate conscious process.

75 to 76, after nearly a year in agricultural community, with friends, in Sant Esteve de Palautordera (Barcelona), I came back to my gardener work, at Terrassa (Barcelona), and in the meanwhile I prepare a pottery workshop and continue painting.

Mid 77 I open the ceramic and sculpture workshop; and on December 78 expound ceramics and sculpture in the gallery Soler-Casamada (Terrassa) which was an absolute bestseller.

It is in this period when I met Maria Teresa, the girl who will become my wife, and mother of our three children. An emotional tsunami as later consequences in a person like me, a guy with such a lonely life.

Perfect. I continue with pottery and family, installed in rural areas. Years of effort, setbacks and happiness watching life unfold.

I never stopped painting, modelling, reflect on art and writing poetry. I keep everything, work and desire gather up to the materialisation, in 2002, exposing at the Regional Museum of Urgell in Tárrega (Lérida). In this I never stopped painting, modelling, reflect on art and writing poetry. I keep everything, work and desire gather up to the materialisation, in 2002, of exposing it at the Regional Museum of Urgell in Tárrega (Lérida). In this exhibition the work and reflections on art (Intimate Manifesto: Open daily introspection in the creative process) are very welcome.

Tárrega becomes a very positive aesthetic experience.

I turn around this circle rehearsing routes. Movement becomes an endless infertile period of seven years. I have not actually stopped working and look. What I find feeds me; but not satiated and less aesthetic creates fullness and serenity in me. But the desert also has limits and in 2009 a new and renewed energy pushes me to connect myself to perform the graphic work today, after seven wonderful years of work, still underway. I offer you this Virtual Expo.

I say, without embarrass, I am very happy and proud of it, because it satisfies my aesthetic and conceptual aspirations. I wish you that it meant something special.

Preparing the Web, I have taken dawning awareness of how extraordinary are the computer techniques and virtual media.

These contribute to enlarge our paths and perspectives to realise us, artists, our desire social projection and recognition.

I feel like the set of a Web can be a work of broad spectrum of manifestation, fecund and plenty of technical possibilities.

It is not only a media, it can establish as a work in itself.

To share with you all these events is a real joy,

A hug

Notes on exile

From exile, we could define our arrival on the planet. And I imagine that painful sobs silenced by first-tenderness of the mother.

We enjoy the paternal-maternal exile when voluntarily, we jump (or throw us) into existence, to exercise freedom.

We suffer exile when hunger, different ideas or beaten and threatened throw us from our own land.

What also suffer for the sake of a better life expectancy.

And we are, ourselves, that we exile from worlds, like Art, are a source of knowledge, creative experiences of fullness and joy.

Self-exiling from the opportunity to discover internal processes of creation, to grab strength and courage to reach the fertile fields of Art, living as beings with full dignity.